Can I use the Gym when I’m at Selection AL?2021-07-19T14:51:01+00:00

Yes. Any guest can have access to the gym, however, gym use is subject to a fee of 50€/day (regardless of the number of guests) paid in cash upon arrival.

How long do I take from Selection AL to Porto’s city centre?2021-07-19T14:50:42+00:00

From Selection AL to Porto’s center is about a 15 minute car drive.

How often are the rooms cleaned up?2021-07-19T14:50:22+00:00

The rooms are always cleaned before the guests entry. If extra cleanning is required , you will have to reques tour services.

Does the house havefree and private parking?2021-07-19T14:49:58+00:00

Yes it does. All guests have access to private and free parking.

Can we use the tennis / football court?2021-07-19T14:49:37+00:00

The lounge and the tennis / football court are to be used by our guests, by appointment. We suplly tennis / football rackets and balls!


I spent 4 days with my family at Selection AL and it exceeded my expectations. The rooms’ aesthetics are very beautiful and the pool is irresistable. Totally recommended!


Bruna Vasconcelos

Beautiful space. Ideal for relaxing. I highly recommend your stay at Selection AL.

Maria de Fátima
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